Time for a New Car Air Filter? Visit Your Uniontown Toyota Dealer

Many drivers don’t realize how much damage a dirty air filter can do to their engine. Even before dust and dirt work their way inside, the restriction of the airflow itself can lead to misfiring, reduced power, poor gas mileage, and even engine failure. Here are five signs that you might need to visit your Toyota dealer for a new car air filter.

Time for a New Car Air Filter? Visit Your Uniontown Toyota Dealer

Reduced Acceleration

If you find your acceleration becoming sluggish, then the fuel-air mixture in your combustion chambers could well be unbalanced. This usually occurs when the inflow of air is restricted by a clogged up air filter. When the onboard computer of your Toyota detects less oxygen coming in, it will attempt to avoid an uneven fuel-air mixture by cutting back on the fuel, as well. This results in reduced power for acceleration.

Poor Gas Mileage

Have you been visiting the gas station more often than you used to? This might be another sign that your filter is dirtied. When your engine struggles to draw in oxygen, the unbalanced mixture of fuel and air combusts less efficiently. Your entire engine has become less effective, burning through more fuel for every mile it takes you.

Frequent Misfires

An engine misfire means the ignition mechanism inside a combustion chamber didn’t work properly. You’ll notice this as a little stumbling and sputtering when you’re starting your car or sitting in idle. If the misfiring is really bad, you might even stall altogether.

A dirty air filter leads to misfires because the unbalanced fuel-air mixture creates an excess of unburned fuel in the combustion chambers. This unburned fuel creates a sooty residue on the spark plugs, inhibiting their ability to ignite the fuel properly.

Smoke From the Tailpipe

In the case of a clogged air filter, the engine will try to rid itself of the excess, unburned fuel created. The main way it does this is by expelling the unburned fuel from the exhaust in the form of black smoke. Sometimes, you’ll even see flames in the smoke, as the excess fuel ignites on its way out. So if you ever see smoke in the rearview mirror, check your filter right away.

30,000 Miles Have Passed

Under ordinary driving conditions, you should replace your filter every 15,000 to 30,000 miles. By the time you reach 30,000 miles, you’ll certainly find that your filter is blackened and clogging up in places between the pleats. Even if you haven’t yet noticed signs of trouble, a filter this old is very likely to be impeding the optimal performance of your engine.

Extreme Driving Conditions

If your regular driving conditions are more extreme, then you’ll need to replace your filter more often. Extreme conditions include very hot climates and unpaved roads, where plenty of dust and dirt is thrown up. Dense urban traffic, where the air is thick with pollutants, also puts your filter under more strain. When driving in these conditions, you should have your filter replaced every 10,000 miles or so.

To have your filter inspected and changed today, visit Mike Kelly Automotive. We’re a third-generation, family-owned dealership that’s been helping out the local drivers of Pennsylvania since 1953.

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Fitness in Uniontown: 6 Great Ways to Stay in Shape

Uniontown, PA is a great little town for enjoying a comfortable pace of life while staying super-fit and healthy. It’s a peaceful, quiet town, with a great deal of fresh air and natural beauty nearby, including an enormous neighboring state park. Whether you prefer to get your workouts from vigorous outdoor activities or some kind of indoor exercise regime, Uniontown has it all.

Hit the Gym

For the sake of convenience, you really can’t beat regular trips to the gym. There are quite a few great gyms throughout Uniontown. The most popular by far is Planet Fitness, a well-equipped center with all the exercise machines you could possibly need. If you’re not already a regular gym-goer, the best way to build up a new workout routine is with the guidance of one of the gym’s many certified trainers.

You can do the same in another excellent local muscle-building center, The Iron Forged Gym. Here, you can immerse yourself in an intense and positive environment of people dedicated to building and bettering their bodies in every way. The gym’s top-notch equipment includes over 45 tons of free weights, so there’s always enough to share around.

Go Biking

Some of you might prefer to get out into the fresh air for your exercise. Biking provides a wonderful workout while basking in sunlight and seeing pleasant views of urban and natural scenery as you pass. Uniontown has many fine bike trails, such as Sheepskin Trail, which is a 2.5-mile path that takes you through some of the prettiest parks in town. There are also many more cycling paths in the local biking network, just waiting to be explored.

Try Yoga

For a peaceful, harmonious way to stay in shape while also getting in touch with your breathing and body, why not take up yoga classes? There are a few places where you can find excellent yoga sessions in town, such as The Yoga Garden, which has classes for all levels. They also have spa and massage services for an after-class treat.

Go Swimming

They say the best exercise for your entire body and joint health is swimming. There’s also something incredibly refreshing and calming about immersing yourself in water a few times a week. The best pool in town is the Uniontown Area YMCA pool, where you can go to do your laps, take swimming lessons, or even host a party for your kids.

Hiking in Nature

In Uniontown, PA you’re right beside Ohiopyle State Park, an enormous 20,500-acre region of Pennsylvania’s finest and most rugged landscape. If you want to get fit while also clearing your head in some pristine forest air, why not get on your walking boots at the weekend and trek out into the wilderness. There are many miles of superb hiking trails in the park, with stunning views, picturesque picnic spots, and varied wildlife to glimpse as you walk.

Try CrossFit

If you like to be really pushed in your workouts, to find out what you’re made of and what you can achieve, maybe CrossFit is the thing for you. With routines that vary in every session, CrossFit never gets boring. CrossFit encompasses more than exercise alone, with a holistic view of body health and strength, including what you eat and how you live outside of your classes. One great place to find classes in town is CrossFit U-Town.

Whichever route to health and strength you go for, also pay a visit to Mike Kelly Toyota, a family-owned dealership that’s been providing local drivers with superb customer service since 1953.

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Do You Need an Alternator Repair?

Your battery provides the charge to the starter solenoid to start your engine. Once your engine starts, the alternator replaces your battery as the source of electrical power for your car. Your alternator will also recharge your battery to keep it at full power. If your alternator starts to fail, it impacts all of your car’s electrical components. As your Toyota dealer, we are here to help you when you need an alternator repair.

Flickering Interior Lights

Flickering lights mean that there’s a problem with your alternator. The flickering is a sign that the electrical supply to the lights is fluctuating. A weakening alternator can’t supply enough electricity to meet all your car’s demands. As the alternator tries and fails to supply enough power and this will cause the lights to flicker.

Damaged Wiring

Wires snake through your engine and connect the alternator to all your car’s electrical devices. Despite their protective coating, the wires can suffer damage. Damaged wiring provides resistance that will block the flow of electricity. The alternator will continue to supply power through the damaged wiring and this will cause the wires to heat up.

Difficulty Starting

Your battery uses a strong electrical charge to start your engine. A good alternator will easily recharge the battery while you drive. When your alternator starts to fail, it won’t provide enough power to fully charge the battery. An insufficiently-charged battery won’t be able to start your engine immediately. If it takes several attempts to crank your engine, you may have an alternator problem.

Dim and Bright Headlights

If your headlights are dim and then suddenly become too bright, you could have an alternator problem. The dim lights mean that a weak alternator has too many demands on its limited power. The lights are supplied with just enough electricity to work. When the demands on the alternator are reduced, your headlights will suddenly blaze brighter than they should. This fluctuating power will also cause your bulbs to blow.

Stalling Issues

Your spark plugs ignite the fuel-air mix in the combustion chamber. The series of controlled explosions that follow allow your car to move. If your car randomly starts to stall, this could be a sign your alternator is failing. A dying alternator may not have enough power to supply even critical systems like the spark plugs.

Battery Warning Light

A working alternator provides 13.5 to 14 volts. This power output will drop if your alternator starts to fail. Sensors are attached to vital components in your engine to monitor them for any unusual changes. The sensors will detect the reduced power output from the alternator. The reduced electricity supply will cause the warning light to come on.

A damaged alternator always gives signs that it’s failing. If your alternator doesn’t seem to be working properly, call our service department ASAP at Mike Kelly Toyota of Uniontown. Our highly-trained technicians will find and fix the problem.

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The Best Seafood Restaurants Near Uniontown, PA

p>Are you looking for amazing seafood restaurants near Uniontown, PA: something besides Red Lobster or Long John Silver’s? We promise you that you can find seafood cooked to perfection from many of our favorite restaurants picks in the area. Get ready for your stomach to be growling after hearing about our go-to restaurants.

1. O’Gillies

O’Gillies is a family-owned and operated restaurant that has captivated customers with its fantastic seafood, steak, and pasta. The Maryland crabcakes made with the freshest, jumbo lump crab meat and served with a remoulade sauce, come highly recommended by locals as the best appetizer on the menu. The delicious 6 oz. salmon entree is drizzled with a honey and brown sugar glaze and baked on a cedar plank. The service is excellent and will make you feel at home with their Uniontown hospitality.

2. Nguyen’s Seafood and Steakhouse

Located at 160 Pittsburgh Street, is Nguyen’s Japanese seafood restaurant and steakhouse, with impressive reviews. Besides awesome sushi rolls, you will be sure to enjoy the crabmeat wontons, lobster tacos, salmon teriyaki, orange shrimp, green mussels, red snapper, ahi tuna, sea scallop, and seafood dumpling soup. The atmosphere at Nguyen’s is perfect for a romantic date night or a big group get-together with close friends.

3. Marilyn’s on Main

Marilyn’s on Main is an upscale seafood restaurant and steakhouse located in the heart of Uniontown. The seafood is cooked to perfection while providing large quantities at a decent price. Try the shrimp scampi dip for your appetizer, followed by the lightly pan-seared, Tuscan salmon served with parmesan risotto, sun-dried tomato cream sauce drizzle, and organic microgreens.

4. Fiesta Azteca

If you are looking for seafood with a Mexican flair, Fiesta Azteca is your place. The shrimp chimichanga, shrimp al chipotle, crab and shrimp enchiladas la Paz, the highly-rated grilled tilapia fish tacos, Pescado Azteca, mahi-mahi, and salmon entree will not disappoint. The ambiance is fun and festive while accommodating families, friends, and small parties while providing excellent customer service.

5. Shogun Hibachi Steakhouse

Shogun Hibachi Steakhouse is a wonderful place to gather with family and friends for some fantastic food from both land and sea. The cooks are highly entertaining and will make sure you have a lot of laughs while waiting for your meal. You cannot go wrong with any of the sushi rolls, but if you are looking for seafood with a taste of Japanese flavors, order the salmon teriyaki, shrimp pad Thai, hibachi salmon with fried rice, hibachi twin lobster tails, or the scallop yaki udon.

We hope you have found the perfect restaurant that suits your needs for mouth-watering seafood. It can be a daunting task to find seafood that isn’t chewy or spoiled. When we find a place that serves a great meal, you know about it. Stop by Mike Kelly Toyota of Uniontown today, tell us about your experience, and let us show you our new and used vehicles.

Image created via Canva

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Does Your Car Need a Transmission Repair?

Transmission service can be one of the most significant repairs you can make to your car. Since transmissions are complex systems, addressing transmission issues early minimizes expensive repairs and helps ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. Let’s explore seven signs from your Toyota dealer that you need a transmission repair.

1. You Hear Strange Noises When You Drive

If you hear strange noises when driving, this is a sign that you need to get your car checked by a professional right away. Strange noises when you drive, like buzzing or humming, are usually caused by damaged gears, a bad bearing, or other problems. Grinding noises are typically the result of issues with the planetary gear system.

2. Your Car Is Jerking or Vibrating When You Drive

You may have been noticing your car jerking and vibrating when you drive. Faulty gears or bad bearings cause vibrations and jerks. If you’ve been noticing your car jerk or vibrate while driving, it’s time to get them checked by a professional.

3. You Notice a Burning Smell Coming From Your Car

You may have been smelling a strong odor, like burning oil. Burnt smells typically mean that you’re burning transmission fluid due to worn-out gears or damaged bearings. If you’re noticing a burning smell coming from your car, it’s likely that your transmission is beginning to fail and needs to be repaired.

4. Reduced Power When Accelerating

One sign you may be having transmission problems with is slowing acceleration. If you notice a significant reduction in power when accelerating, it means that your transmission is having trouble shifting gears.

5. You See Fluid Leaking From Under Your Car

When you see fluid leaking underneath your car, it’s time to get a transmission inspection because there may be serious problems that could lead to an expensive repair bill. If you notice red fluid leaking out of your car, it’s likely that the transmission is overheating and needs immediate attention.

6. Your Check Engine Light Is On

You may be noticing that your “check engine” light just came on, which means it’s time to get your car inspected. If your car’s check engine light comes on, it means that your car’s computer is detecting trouble with one of the engine sensors or other components and needs to be checked out. One of these components could be your transmission system.

7. You Notice Problems Shifting Gears

If you notice a problem with your car’s gear shifting, there could be many reasons for this. One cause could be a faulty solenoid or worn-out gears within your automatic transmission system.

It’s best to have a professional technician inspect your car and determine what needs to be repaired. The sooner you get your car checked, the lower your repair bill may be.

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, it’s time to have transmission service. While some of these problems may be minor, others could indicate that your transmission is on the verge of failing. Contact Mike Kelly Toyota of Uniontown today for a diagnostic appointment and find out how we can help get your car running like new again.

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5 Signs You Need a Radiator Repair

Maintaining your vehicle involves several different services that need to be done, one of which is radiator repair. Think your vehicle might be due for this crucial bit of maintenance? Here are some signs that you should bring your vehicle to your local Toyota dealer to have the radiator checked out.

1. Coolant Levels Are Low

One important aspect of maintaining your vehicle is checking the levels of the various fluids your vehicle needs to function properly. Your coolant fluid is one crucial fluid that you should be keeping an eye on and replacing as needed. If you find that your coolant levels are running low quicker than you would expect, you’ll want to contact a mechanic to have them take a look, as that may be indicative of a problem with the radiator.

2. Temperature Gauge Is High

During normal operation of your vehicle, the temperature gauge on your instrument cluster should stay steady around the middle. If you notice this gauge is consistently reading higher than it should be, that may be a sign that you need to get some repairs performed for your radiator. There are a few other problems that could cause this however, such as a malfunctioning thermostat, so have your mechanic take a look to diagnose the problem.

3. Signs of a Coolant Leak

Another way to know that you need radiator maintenance is if you notice coolant leaking from the vehicle. Take a moment to inspect the area underneath where your vehicle was parked after leaving it in a parking spot or driveway for a while. If you notice a pool of multicolored liquid has formed beneath where the vehicle was, you should take your vehicle in for maintenance as it is likely you have a coolant leak.

4. Discoloration or Rust on Radiator

Taking a look underneath the hood can be another good way of diagnosing any problems with your radiator. In particular, you should be on the lookout for any signs of rust or discoloration. This could be a sign that a leak has sprung from the radiator or one of the hoses connected to it, with fluid leaking out and causing the rust to form. A skilled technician can address the source of this leak to prevent further issues.

5. Engine Overheating

Of course, the most obvious sign of radiator trouble is when your vehicle overheats due to a failure of this component. You’ll know immediately when this happens because thick white steam will be billowing out from the engine. You should stop the vehicle immediately when you notice this, as continued operation may be dangerous. Get in contact with your mechanic to have your vehicle brought in for essential repairs.

If you want maintenance for your vehicle done right, look no further than our skilled service department. We’ve got the tools and experience to keep your vehicle running as good as the day you got it. Visit Mike Kelly Toyota of Uniontown today!

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5 Great Sandwich Places Around Uniontown, PA

In search of the perfect sandwich in the Uniontown, PA area? Then we’ve got the places that you need to check out next time you’re craving a good square meal. Head to these sandwich places for a meal that we guarantee won’t leave you disappointed.

1. Hot Diggity Dogs & Hoagies Too

For more than 23 years, Hot Diggity Dogs & Hoagies Too has been one of the best places to go in our town when your belly starts rumbling. That stays true to this day, with a selection of fresh soups and signature hot dogs to enjoy, as well as their fresh homemade eight-inch hoagies. The spicy flavor of the chicken chipotle sandwich made it our personal favorite, with plenty of spicy sauce flavoring the chicken breast, bacon, and provolone cheese.

2. Yum Yum’s Bagel Cafe

While the bagels at Yum Yum’s Bagel Cafe may be the highlight of this place, making the ideal way to start any morning, they also know how to make a mean hoagie here. Order up their Italian hoagie with a cup of soup to get everything you need for your midday meal. The sandwich comes loaded up with Genoa salami, capicola, pepperoni, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, and their signature house hoagie dressing for added flavor.

3. Potter’s

More than a dozen signature sandwiches on the menu at Potter’s give you some variety to choose from when you’re deciding on your next meal. There are plenty of strong options for you to consider, but the simple perfection of the turkey club is hard to beat in our book. You’ll get a hearty helping of oven-roasted turkey, smoky bacon, American cheese, lettuce, and tomatoes with a smear of mayo on the hoagie roll it all comes served on.

4. Rizz’s

You’ll have a great selection of snacks to munch on while you’re waiting for your sandwich at Rizz’s, with deliciously crispy beer-battered onion rings or golden brown zucchini planks with a marinara sauce for you to choose from. As far as their sandwiches go, The Ocean Liner is hard to beat. Homemade tuna and egg salad with fresh lettuce and tomato along with cheddar cheese on Italian bread give this sandwich an unbeatable taste.

5. O’Gillies

Aiming to create a space where friends can become family, O’Gillies has a welcoming atmosphere that is as inviting as the tasty burgers they grill up. Their chicken parm sandwich is one specialty they do to perfection, with hand-breaded chicken in their signature marinara sauce and topped with plenty of provolone cheese. All of their sandwiches come with chips and a pickle to round off the plate and give you a filling meal.

These sandwich spots are sure to leave you satisfied, just like you’ll be thoroughly satisfied after walking out of our dealership. We’ll take care of your needs for a new vehicle or any maintenance requirements you have for a vehicle you already own. Contact Mike Kelly Toyota of Uniontown today!

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5 Features You’ll Love About the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Are you looking for a stylish, responsive, yet affordable hybrid vehicle? Then you don’t want to miss out on the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Sporting a sleek design that contrasts with the boxy and clunky shape most hybrids have, you wouldn’t realize it’s a fuel-efficient hybrid vehicle in the first place! Let’s get a closer look at what else makes this car so impressive.

1. Sports-Car Like Engineering

Going against the grain, you can experience a far more responsive drive in this Toyota. The first thing is the Hybrid Power Mode Button. Once you press this button, you’ll instantly get a boost to throttle response and get more acceleration because of it. The second reason this car drives so well is the suspension. By purposely giving the vehicle a more planted, secure feel, you’ll have more control while driving it.

2. Interior With a Touch of Luxury

Despite having fuel efficiency and above-average driving controls, the interior is still something to be impressed by. When you step inside this car, you’ll immediately notice how spacious it is. The comfort of easily spreading your legs with no issues will stand out immediately. Going further, with the available soft-touch interior, you can get an extra level of quality comfort that’s not common in these types of vehicles.

All in all, you can expect to drive in comfort and style.

3. Safety From Vehicles and Pedestrians

If you take your eyes off the road for even a second, a car crash isn’t out of the question. Luckily, this Corolla has you covered. Thanks to the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection, you’ll be notified any time you’re on a crash course with a person or vehicle. Then you simply apply the brakes and there are no issues at all.

Even better, if you’re unable to respond in time, the brakes will activate automatically, which lets you have peace of mind on even the busiest streets out there.

4. Compatible With Both Apple and Android Smartphones

How convenient would it be if you could make phone calls, send messages, or navigate the GPS without fumbling around with your phone while driving? With this hybrid, you can. All you’ve got to do is use either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and you can instantly connect your smartphone for immediate driving convenience. This will make your drives much easier and safer to do.

5. No More Blind Spots While Driving

Switching lanes at high speeds can sometimes be dangerous. The reason is your side mirrors can’t see everything, which means there’s a blind spot that could hide a vehicle. But by using the available Blind Spot Monitor (BSM) in this car, you’ll know at a glance if it’s safe to switch lanes. There’s a light indicator that tells you if it’s safe or not, so you don’t need to worry or even think about it.

As you can see, this hybrid has all the bells and whistles you could want. Learn more about it at Mike Kelly Automotive today!

Image via Toyota

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Versatile and Convenient: Meet the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback

Your search for a new vehicle is over, because we’ve got one reliable vehicle that can do it all. Check out the 2022 Toyota Corolla Hatchback when you’re considering the options available for your next new ride. All the latest features were included in this year’s redesign, and you can get it at a competitive price. Learn more about all that this exciting hatchback can bring to your drive when you read our guide below.

Reliably Impressive Performance

Rev up your engine and your pulse with the exciting drive that the Corolla Hatchback puts at your disposal. The 2.0-liter dynamic force engine boosts your adrenaline from the moment you fire up the engines, giving you the power you need for quick, athletic acceleration. The Corolla Hatchback was also engineered for maximum efficiency, achieving up to an EPA-estimated 38 miles per gallon on the highway.

Fun and Sporty Style

The wide stance and classic hatchback look of the Corolla Hatchback leaves a lasting impression on anyone who sees you driving by. The LED fog lights and chrome grille surround give your front end a distinctive look and light up the way ahead of you with perfect clarity. You can also get special editions of the Corolla Hatchback that add an extra dimension to your appearance, like the bold and dark accents of the Corolla Hatchback Nightshade Edition.

Thoughtful Interior Design

Available leather-trimmed sports seats for the Corolla Hatchback give you and all of your passengers a premium level of comfort to enjoy on your way to the next destination. The available two-stage heating helps keep you warm even in winter-weather conditions, giving you year-round comfort you can count on. Piano-black accents and stitching throughout the interior create a cabin that looks every bit as good as it feels.

Tech for Your Drive

Get more out of your next road trip with all of the convenient tech that the Corolla Hatchback puts at your fingertips. The 8-inch multimedia touchscreen display makes it easy to bring up navigation, music, and more to get everything you need for the road ahead. The smart key system lets you get you get started without having to fumble around for your keys first.

Comprehensive Safety Features

Rest assured with the certainty that you’re secure on the road that comes from the advanced safety features Toyota designed the Corolla Hatchback with. The pre-collision system helps you avoid an accident by using cameras and sensors to detect when you’re coming up on an obstacle, warning you so you can take action and applying emergency brakes if necessary. If an accident still occurs, the advanced ten-airbag system will reduce the chance of injury.

With all the impressive features that the Corolla Hatchback has to show off, we couldn’t cover everything in one short guide. Get the full picture when you come in and talk to our team of Toyota experts. Check out the Corolla Hatchback for yourself at Mike Kelly Toyota today!

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5 Favorite Live Music Venues Near Uniontown PA

Uniontown, PA is the place to be if you enjoy live music. Within the city, numerous venues host live music. Even bars and restaurants that do not have live music as their main attraction organize musical performances. Below is a list of our favorite live music venues in the Uniontown area.

State Theater Center for the Arts

Thomas W. Lamb designed the State Theater Center for the Arts in Uniontown. Nationally touring productions, educational performances, and seasoned professionals are featured at the center. The State Theater is a community-based property that is supported by societal donations. The location is ideal for community events and concerts. You can take your loved ones to see a recital, a movie, or sing along to performing bands.

Vinoski Winery

Vinoski Winery is an excellent place to spend your evenings sipping wine and listening to live music. The winery, a few miles from Uniontown, is an ideal location for live music. Not only will you be able to experience 800 years of winemaking tradition, but you will also be able to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the surrounding area. While the band is performing, you can stroll around the grounds and eat fresh grapes from the vineyard. Musical events and performances are organized every Saturday, with various artists and bands performing.

Mr. Small’s Funhouse

Mr. Small’s Funhouse is a unique live music venue easily accessible from Uniontown. The Funhouse has a recording studio, art galleries, a restaurant, multiple bars, and two separate stages. It is one of the state’s best concert halls in the city. It is the place to go if you want to listen to live music with good friends. Perhaps you will be able to meet your favorite performing artist at the after-party following an electrifying live performance.

World Café Live

World Café Live is where to go if you want to see an exciting and free music show. The venue hosts approximately 250 special events, 550 ticketed shows, and 200 free shows every year. The World Café is a hub of activity with two distinct stages where aspiring artists can shine. Despite being a four-hour drive from Uniontown, the experience is worthwhile due to the venue’s distinct vibe and careful selection of artists. You only need to purchase a ticket ahead of time.

The Abbey Bar

The Abbey Bar is a must-visit if you’re looking for a weekend destination with good music and drinks. The venue, three hours away from Uniontown, offers the best live music experience in town. You can meet up-and-coming musicians on the stunning rooftop deck after a performance. The Abbey Bar, like some of the other establishments mentioned above, sells drinks and cocktails to its customers. Remember that alcohol should be consumed responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

As previously stated, there are numerous and distinctive places to enjoy live music in Uniontown, PA. When you come to Pennsylvania for a musical experience, contact Mike Kelly Toyota of Uniontown to rent a new or pre-owned vehicle to help you get around.

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