5 Favorite Live Music Venues Near Uniontown PA

Uniontown, PA is the place to be if you enjoy live music. Within the city, numerous venues host live music. Even bars and restaurants that do not have live music as their main attraction organize musical performances. Below is a list of our favorite live music venues in the Uniontown area.

State Theater Center for the Arts

Thomas W. Lamb designed the State Theater Center for the Arts in Uniontown. Nationally touring productions, educational performances, and seasoned professionals are featured at the center. The State Theater is a community-based property that is supported by societal donations. The location is ideal for community events and concerts. You can take your loved ones to see a recital, a movie, or sing along to performing bands.

Vinoski Winery

Vinoski Winery is an excellent place to spend your evenings sipping wine and listening to live music. The winery, a few miles from Uniontown, is an ideal location for live music. Not only will you be able to experience 800 years of winemaking tradition, but you will also be able to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the surrounding area. While the band is performing, you can stroll around the grounds and eat fresh grapes from the vineyard. Musical events and performances are organized every Saturday, with various artists and bands performing.

Mr. Small’s Funhouse

Mr. Small’s Funhouse is a unique live music venue easily accessible from Uniontown. The Funhouse has a recording studio, art galleries, a restaurant, multiple bars, and two separate stages. It is one of the state’s best concert halls in the city. It is the place to go if you want to listen to live music with good friends. Perhaps you will be able to meet your favorite performing artist at the after-party following an electrifying live performance.

World Café Live

World Café Live is where to go if you want to see an exciting and free music show. The venue hosts approximately 250 special events, 550 ticketed shows, and 200 free shows every year. The World Café is a hub of activity with two distinct stages where aspiring artists can shine. Despite being a four-hour drive from Uniontown, the experience is worthwhile due to the venue’s distinct vibe and careful selection of artists. You only need to purchase a ticket ahead of time.

The Abbey Bar

The Abbey Bar is a must-visit if you’re looking for a weekend destination with good music and drinks. The venue, three hours away from Uniontown, offers the best live music experience in town. You can meet up-and-coming musicians on the stunning rooftop deck after a performance. The Abbey Bar, like some of the other establishments mentioned above, sells drinks and cocktails to its customers. Remember that alcohol should be consumed responsibly. Don’t drink and drive.

As previously stated, there are numerous and distinctive places to enjoy live music in Uniontown, PA. When you come to Pennsylvania for a musical experience, contact Mike Kelly Toyota of Uniontown to rent a new or pre-owned vehicle to help you get around.


5 Favorite Live Music Venues Near Uniontown PA - Mike Kelly Toyota

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