Fitness in Uniontown: 6 Great Ways to Stay in Shape

Uniontown, PA is a great little town for enjoying a comfortable pace of life while staying super-fit and healthy. It’s a peaceful, quiet town, with a great deal of fresh air and natural beauty nearby, including an enormous neighboring state park. Whether you prefer to get your workouts from vigorous outdoor activities or some kind of indoor exercise regime, Uniontown has it all.

Hit the Gym

For the sake of convenience, you really can’t beat regular trips to the gym. There are quite a few great gyms throughout Uniontown. The most popular by far is Planet Fitness, a well-equipped center with all the exercise machines you could possibly need. If you’re not already a regular gym-goer, the best way to build up a new workout routine is with the guidance of one of the gym’s many certified trainers.

You can do the same in another excellent local muscle-building center, The Iron Forged Gym. Here, you can immerse yourself in an intense and positive environment of people dedicated to building and bettering their bodies in every way. The gym’s top-notch equipment includes over 45 tons of free weights, so there’s always enough to share around.

Go Biking

Some of you might prefer to get out into the fresh air for your exercise. Biking provides a wonderful workout while basking in sunlight and seeing pleasant views of urban and natural scenery as you pass. Uniontown has many fine bike trails, such as Sheepskin Trail, which is a 2.5-mile path that takes you through some of the prettiest parks in town. There are also many more cycling paths in the local biking network, just waiting to be explored.

Try Yoga

For a peaceful, harmonious way to stay in shape while also getting in touch with your breathing and body, why not take up yoga classes? There are a few places where you can find excellent yoga sessions in town, such as The Yoga Garden, which has classes for all levels. They also have spa and massage services for an after-class treat.

Go Swimming

They say the best exercise for your entire body and joint health is swimming. There’s also something incredibly refreshing and calming about immersing yourself in water a few times a week. The best pool in town is the Uniontown Area YMCA pool, where you can go to do your laps, take swimming lessons, or even host a party for your kids.

Hiking in Nature

In Uniontown, PA you’re right beside Ohiopyle State Park, an enormous 20,500-acre region of Pennsylvania’s finest and most rugged landscape. If you want to get fit while also clearing your head in some pristine forest air, why not get on your walking boots at the weekend and trek out into the wilderness. There are many miles of superb hiking trails in the park, with stunning views, picturesque picnic spots, and varied wildlife to glimpse as you walk.

Try CrossFit

If you like to be really pushed in your workouts, to find out what you’re made of and what you can achieve, maybe CrossFit is the thing for you. With routines that vary in every session, CrossFit never gets boring. CrossFit encompasses more than exercise alone, with a holistic view of body health and strength, including what you eat and how you live outside of your classes. One great place to find classes in town is CrossFit U-Town.

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